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This interactive game allows players (suitable for students, business stakeholders, as well as project based partnerships across the private-public divide) to engage with real life business models in order to delve into the opportunities as well as challenges associated with establishing and maintaining relationships on the basis of circular material flows. This game has been produced as a part of a research project and builds on the knowledge of the researchers in the project.

Hervé Corvellec is professor of Service Studies at Lund University and has a vast experience of waste and sustainability studies prior to his engagement with the circular economy. Herman Stål is associate professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Gothenburg and has experience from working on institutional aspects of sustainability practices in several sectors including farming and the textile industry. Maira Babri is lecturer in Organization studies at Örebro University and has a particular interest in the circular economy. Maira is also engaged with executive education and industry collaborations. The team of researchers also have experience of scholarly work on business models, networks, and partnerships and all actively teach sustainability related topics in their respective departments.

The game 'Circular Relations' builds on real cases presenting business models representing different industries and sectors. The cases have all been collected by the researchers through actively searching for companies that are aiming to transform their business models, and are at least in some sense on the path towards building circular relationships with actors in the supply chain. It is important to note that the game release (2022-2023) is likely to take place at a time during which transitions from linear to circular modes of production are still debated, under formation, and still taking shape.   

The game allows players to learn about critical differences between linear and circular relationships, critically reflect over the challenges as well as opportunities afforded by different products and materials in different constellations, and assume roles in order to facilitate deep learning regarding the unique interpersonal and inter-organizational challenges that transformations towards circular business models entail.

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